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The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli youth and women’s teams have been made official

The names of the young men and women who will take part, respectively, in the UniCredit Youth America’s Cup (17 – 26 September) and the Puig Women’s America’s Cup (5 – October 13).

As regards the female crew (which, as for the young people, will be selected on a daily basis on the days of the regatta), the sailors called up are: Giulia Conti (helmsman), Margherita Porro (helmswoman), Maria Vittoria Marchesini (helmsman), Giovanna Micol (trimmer), Maria Giubilei (trimmer), Giulia Fava (trimmer) and Alice Linussi (trimmer).

The youth team, still susceptible to changes and possible additions, includes: Guido Gallinaro (helmsman), Gianluigi Ugolini (helmsman), Federico Colaninno (trimmer), Stefano Dezulian (trimmer) and Rocco Falcone (helmsman/trimmer). Also Marco Gradoni (helmsman),who is already a member of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team, has been called up to the Under 25 crew.

The selection took place after months of training and tests carried out at the team base, during specific training sessions, on land and at sea. ” I’m very happy with the choices made, but it wasn’t easy ,” explains Max Sirena , Skipper and Team Director of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli . « The shortlist of candidates was very valid, because it was made up of athletes with an excellent background, who in their careers had achieved important results at a world level, if not even Olympic qualifications.

In the end we focused on the people who seemed most suitable to excel on the AC40, the foiling monodesign with which the regattas will be held. In such a choice, not only the technical-sporting characteristics are evaluated, but also the passion, character and ability to work in a team to achieve the common goal. Now that we have the full teams, we will focus on training and the racing format so that our sailors arrive as prepared as possible for the events in Barcelona. I wish all the others good luck for their future sporting successes, of course our paths will cross again .”

” The youth group was formed over the past year through various phases of observation ,” said Jacopo Plazzi , coordinator of the Youth & Women’s program. « First the sailing with the 69F, then the assistance to the team in the summer preparation in Barcelona with the AC40, and finally the integration with our sailing team in the last period of two boat racing. We started with the group we have already seen working together, in and out of the water, and added high-profile athletes from the Olympic classes. Some of the girls selected in the Women’s America’s Cup program were also part of this youth group, who we decided to pair with experienced sailors, to carry out a project that combines the possibility of competing at the highest level this summer with a long-term vision. term. We are happy to present a strong team that will be able to demonstrate its qualities in the waters of Barcelona. The Italian women’s and youth sailing scene is excellent and this left us faced with difficult choices, for which the discussion with the Italian Sailing Federation was fundamental. There is an electrifying period ahead of us, the Olympics, the Cup and the Youth & Women’s America’s Cup and we are determined to show what we are worth .”

Simone Salvà , coach of the Youth & Women’s program, commented: « As for the women, we examined many athletes, all very good, and in the end we managed to put together an eclectic team, with very different experiences, ages and personal skills . There are older people, with enormous experience in international regattas and the Olympics, and very young people who grew up on flying boats. This synergy is perfect for creating the right mix of experience and technique we need on board. They are working very well together and it is nice to see that despite the age differences or the fact that some did not know each other, a good feeling was immediately created and a cohesive and motivated group was born .”

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